Fun Surprises Coming This Week!

I’m skipping a proper post today. Why? Because over the next few days I’m going to do not one but TWO cover reveals! That’s right! I’ll be be debuting the covers for the first two books in the Seaside Valleria series! I’m SOOO excited to bring these to you, and I hope you love them […]

Weekend Progress – Week 4

So how did I do this weekend? Short answer: Not so great. Family drama sidelined me, so I’m reminding myself that progress not perfection is important. The weekend wasn’t a total wash, however. I did manage to write 5000 words in Seaside Valleria 3, mostly through dictation (I wrote more about that in a recent […]

Ebook Creation: Post-Writing Process

Once the book is ready to go (or at least when I think it’s ready to go), it’s time for the next phase: ebook creation. Ebook creation happens after the editing phase. Once I review and make my copyeditor’s changes, and once the cover is ready, I can make the ebook. The technical aspect of […]

Weekend Plans – Week 4

Another week, another weekend. Here are my author-y plans for the days ahead! You’ve probably noticed a pattern about my weekends, and that I’m working on the same books. When we’re close to crunch time (i.e., publication date) that’s typically how it goes. It’s different in the editing phase, because once the book’s in the […]

The Bright Side of the Muse – Part 5

Today is the last day in my muse series (at least for now). Today we’ll talk about the bright side of the muse – she has one, I promise! The great thing about the muse (or, really, creativity in general) is all the different directions it can take you. You can get inspired by the […]

The Dark Side of the Muse – Part 4

I’ll be spending the next couple days finishing up my muse series. We’ve talked about the muse in general, tempting her back, and what to do when she comes back with too many ideas. Today, I’ll talk about her dark side. Some might say the dark side of the muse is writer’s block (the dreaded […]

W-Inspiration Wednesday

I’ve decided to start a theme for posts going out on Wednesdays during my #100DaysofMKAuthorLife series – Wednesday Inspiration (or W-Inspiration or Inspiration for the Win)! Why did I decide to do this? I think inspiration can be found everywhere, so I wanted to share something that inspired me this week (or at least recently). […]

It’s a Prince!

My Monday was extremely distracting. I’m sure you know why. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a boy on Monday! I was distracted all morning into early afternoon. I was working from home and had the live stream of the hospital’s doors on another computer (shh – don’t tell anyone!) so I got to […]

In Lieu of a Post

My Saturday was exhausting. Writing Seaside Valleria 3, editing Royals 10 and, because the muse moved me, I also started working on the covers for Royals 10 and Seaside Valleria 2. So, in lieu of a proper blog post, today I’m sharing this picture of kittens cuddling. They are not my kittens (I don’t have […]