Real Life Royal Inspiration

Do I get inspired from the real-life royals? Short answer: Absolutely! I talked a little about this in my post on research, but a question on a recent post prompted today’s post. Carla asked me: “Has the royal romance and wedding of Harry and Meghan given you any ideas for your series?” The answer is a […]

Weekend Plans – Week 11

It’s the weekend! Now that I’ve finished up Rush and Ripple (Yay!), my weekend goals have shifted, at least for the next couple weeks. I won’t start writing my next book until July, which gives me time to catch up on ALL the things I set aside so I could finish the books. The pre-orders […]

I’m An Author

Today, I’m stating the obvious… I’m an author. I think about author-related stuff several times over the course of a day. Sometimes it’s about the menial tasks any business owner needs to do (because being an author is a business) like accounting and other admin. Other times, it’s about the stories swirling in my head. […]

Weekend Plans & Progress – Week 10

Though the weekend’s nearly over, here’s a glimpse at my goals and progress. Right now I’m focusing on Rush and Ripple, the first two in the Seaside Valleria series. I’ve finished edits for both and now it’s time to test the ebooks and finalize them! I want to release BOTH this month (eep!) but I […]

The Best Laid Plans…

Well, that Saturday didn’t turn out how I hoped… I’d planned to spend my only day off this weekend from the day job (Saturday) working on Rush. Well, it turned out I needed to work the day job some on Saturday, too, throughout the day. That meant I couldn’t really get in ‘the zone’ for […]

Today Is a Good Day

Today’s starting off on a good note… I am SO excited because Seaside Valleria 3 is off to my editor! Whew! This is off to my developmental editor, which could take a month or more, so I’m not expecting to work on it again July (I’m hoping for an August release if everything goes well). […]

Weekend Progress – Week 5

So, how much of my massive to-do list did I get finished? Not much, and that’s okay. I managed to finish edits to the next Royals book, so now it’s time for ebook testing! I got some edits to Ripple (Seaside Valleria 2) done as well, and am hoping to finish that up with my half-day […]

Anatomy of a Book Cover

How do book covers get designed? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look. Covers aren’t easy. Besides the graphic design knowledge needed, they can take some time. Covers – just like fashion – also have trends. What worked for me a few years may not work or sell as well now. First, a little background. I design my […]

Ebook Creation: Post-Writing Process

Once the book is ready to go (or at least when I think it’s ready to go), it’s time for the next phase: ebook creation. Ebook creation happens after the editing phase. Once I review and make my copyeditor’s changes, and once the cover is ready, I can make the ebook. The technical aspect of […]